Mahou San Miguel Will Invest 7 Million In Lleida Factory

The Mahou San Miguel brewing group increases its investments in Catalonia. The company has announced an investment of 7 million euros for its historic plant in Lleida, cradle of the San Miguel brand, during this year. The expense will be used mainly for energy efficiency and enhancing the sustainability of a center to which the company has already allocated 26.5 million euros over the last decade.

The Lleida facility currently employs more than 160 people and is considered strategic within the map of plants that the conglomerate has in Spain. Hence, it allocates these 7 million euros in 2022, one million more than those spent last year.

During this financial year, Mahou San Miguel will allocate, for example, five million euros to eliminate plastic from packaging and replace it with cardboard boxes. Other infrastructure digitization and automation initiatives are also being prepared.

Mahou San Miguel spent 26.5 million in 10 years
“We have reinforced our investment to have our facilities at a level of efficiency, quality and competitiveness that allows us to continue generating employment and wealth,” said Jordi Guixé, director of the factory.

The figure adds to the 26.5 million invested in the plant during the last decade. In 2021, they highlighted the expansion of the can packaging warehouse and the adaptation of the production lines to be able to produce new beer products.

Mahou San Miguel thus reaffirms its commitment to a historic center, which opened its doors in 1957. Its origin dates back to the idea of ​​two entrepreneurs from the region, who started the San Miguel brewery after obtaining the brewing method and machinery from the Philippine San Miguel Brewery. The company changed hands in 2000, when the Madrid group Mahou acquired the organization.

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