Extremadura Breaks Records In The Creation Of Tourism Jobs

The general director of Tourism of the Junta de Extremadura, Francisco Martín, has highlighted that the employment generated in the month of July is the best data in absolute numbers of the last 30 years.

20,405 employed workers and 7,981 self-employed are the employment data for this month of July, which increases employment by 8.27% compared to July 2021 and 4.12% compared to 2019, the best year in the different tourism indicators . With respect to the accumulated employment of the previous year in the first semester, 28,386 jobs have been created, a growth of 16.28%

According to Francisco Martín, these data confirm the forecasts that the Junta de Extremadura had regarding this summer , which is being a good summer for tourism in general.

Regarding overnight stays, he highlighted that they are also very good, since 1,500,126 overnight stays have been reached in these first 6 months of this year , the same figure reached in 2019, considered globally the best year in tourism so far.

And it is that in the words of Francisco Martín these data are irrefutable, they are two key data that together with the number of cutlery sold by the hotel industry make this summer “a good tourist moment”.

However, it is necessary to continue being prudent , working with the sectors, associations and local action groups to continue betting on quality tourism that is an engine of socioeconomic development. He stressed that thanks to the labor reform, the job that is being created is being a higher quality job.

Meetings with areas affected by the fires
The general director of Tourism of the Junta de Extremadura, Francisco Martín, has highlighted that they are meeting with the areas affected by the fires, in all of them he wanted to show his “empathy, solidarity and support” in the localities that have suffered some cancellations “because of the tremendous vision of some national television network” that with headlines such as “hurdes are burning or Extremadura is burning” have negatively affected the promotion of the area. For this reason, he appeals to responsibility and asks the media to cite specific locations and not name regions in a general way.

To support both the areas affected by the fires and the rest of the region, in September the Minister of Tourism, Nuria Flores, will present a tourism promotion campaign in regional and national media , both on television, radio, press and digital media. to invite you to visit this “Extremadura destination” with great natural beauty, a rich heritage, culture and excellent cuisine. According to the General Director of Tourism, “the colors and flavors of autumn in Extremadura will enable travelers to have unforgettable experiences”.

In addition to this campaign , television programs and webinars will be promoted from the affected areas.

Marketing support
Another of the Board’s commitments will be the “Meets” in Seville (October 6) and Lisbon (October 27) , both Andalusia and Portugal are major sources of tourists in our region, according to Francisco Martín they are two very important markets.

During these meets, tourism entrepreneurs will be able to meet directly with tour operators in order to market their tourism companies and products .

Both the promotion campaign and this support for marketing are intended to work on the consolidation of a sector both in the final part of summer, as well as in autumn, winter and next spring. A long-term vision that seeks to continue improving trends.

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