Experts From Around The World Will Analyze In Madrid

The 31st edition of the World Buiatrics Congress (WBC)] will be held at the Ifema Municipal Conference Center in Madrid from September 4 to 8 and will bring together the world’s leading ruminant veterinary specialists.

The National Association of Specialists in Bovine Medicine of Spain (Anembe), which brings together 1,400 expert veterinarians in cattle, is in charge of its organization by delegation of the World Association of Buiatrics (WAB), made up of 53 professional associations from all over the world. world, with more than 50,000 associates who carry out their activity in the field of veterinary specializing in production ruminants.

Throughout the more than 1,000 interventions, topics related to the work of ruminant veterinarians will be discussed and the latest news and scientific research at an international level will be announced.

For this reason, in addition to a complete scientific program with twenty-five topics on different veterinary specialties for cattle, sheep, camelids and alpacas, and the best speakers of the moment on each of the main topics, round tables have been organized for each day with the four best oral presentations and with the two main speakers, where you can interact with them on the most relevant aspects of each of their presentations.

Veterinary and human health
At the end of each scientific day, the section called ‘Vip Presentation’ will be held, open to society in general, which can be attended by any person with prior registration.

It will address current issues related to the work of the farm veterinarian, such as the importance of their work for the prevention of diseases in human health, the reduction of methane emissions through productive efficiency, the importance of ruminants in the face of rural depopulation and the cleaning of the mountains to avoid the forest fires that we are suffering.

In this sense, the member of the organizing committee of the Congress, Marco Sánchez-Moreiro, official veterinarian and medical health inspector, stresses that society’s perception of buiatrists is, today, “partial and reductionist.

The population of a pie ignores –alert– that human health depends on the good condition of animalsand that, when we check cows for tuberculosis or control the pasteurization of milk in industries and drug residues in the food chain, we are carrying out prevention for people, fighting against zoonosis, that word so well known since the pandemic of the covid-19. “The control of welfare on the farm, in transport and in the slaughterhouse, now reinforced with video surveillance cameras, is key to animal health, but also to public health,” he says.

On sustainable production, population fixation in rural areas and the work of livestock in the face of fires, Sánchez adds that ” both sides of the balance should be assessed before talking about sustainability or pollution, putting the rancher as the bad guy the movie”.

In accordance with these ideas, the veterinarian and partner of Anembe, Pablo González, who carries out his professional activity in the province of Ourense, one of the most affected by forest fires, corroborates that “these years of pandemic, in which the sector has not stopped, they have been a crucial moment to show the real data in terms of CO2 emissions and it has been shown that the pollution represented by livestock farming is well below that of other much more polluting industrial activities”.

González, very sensitive to fires and aware of the role of livestock against them, warns that “livestock farms perform a fundamental task in clearing scrub, maintaining high mountain pastures and rotating pastures. They contribute drastically against fires in some areas where livestock activity is greater”.

In addition, there will be the presence of such media characters as the American veterinarian Dr. Jan Pol, protagonist of the number 1 series broadcast by National Geographic Wild, The Incredible Dr. Pol; with Odile Rodríguez, biologist and science communicator, daughter of the naturalist Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente (creator of the legendary series El Hombre y la Tierra) or with the philosopher and writer Fernando Savater.

During the Congress, a series of prizes will be awarded, among which the Ruminant Welfare Achievement Award stands out, endowed with 10,000 euros, with which the best work in this area will be recognized. Likewise, another series of prizes and scholarships will be awarded to young veterinarians and veterinary students, with an endowment of 23,300 euros.

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