Mercadona Seeks More Than 360 New Employees For September

The return to ‘normality’ in September also comes hand in hand with important job offers in various sectors . One of them, that of supermarkets and large distribution, one of the few that has grown steadily despite the pandemic and inflation.

There, Mercadona has established itself as one of the benchmarks both in presence and in hiring and the conditions it offers its employees, which has even improved recently.

Currently, Mercadona is looking for 367 new jobs to work in its stores and logistics centers, with salaries that average around 1,400 euros.

How to join the Mercadona employment exchange
Currently Mercadona has open calls looking for supermarket staff (salesperson and cashiers) and warehouse waiters and waitresses. Some of them are temporary even for the summer campaign, while the vast majority are permanent contracts.

To apply for one of the vacancies you have to visit their website in the employment section, which we leave linked here .

There, the Valencian firm opens its list of job offers to the general public (it can be filtered by type of working day, place of work, date of publication…), but when registering for them, all the suitors who do not are registered must do so in order to submit their candidacy.

First of all, we will have to fill in your personal data. This includes name, surnames, DNI , contact address, telephone or nationality, among others. It will also be necessary to upload a CV to the Mercadona website, as well as inform about our work experience, our studies and other complementary knowledge such as languages, courses. In this process you will also have to choose a user and an access password.

Once our CV has been uploaded (which can also be done by importing data from Linkedin), and the job offer we want to apply for has been chosen, it is time for the questionnaire and the specific questions about the offer. In these sections, it will be necessary to respond to aspects of interest to companies and that may vary depending on the job offer (availability of geographical mobility, driving license…).

Conditions and salaries from 1,400 euros in Mercadona
Mercadona makes a commitment to having most of its staff with a permanent contract and a few months ago it announced a rise of more than 6% in the salary of its employees. Mercadona publishes the salaries of its workers on its own website, so it is not a great mystery to know what conditions and salaries you can aspire to.

As detailed on its website, Mercadona workers have the following net salary based on their seniority:

-With a seniority of less than one year: 1,425 euros gross per month: 1,242 net

-With a seniority of two years: 1,565 euros net per month.

-With an age of three years: 1,738 euros net per month.

-With a seniority of more than four years: 1,929 euros net per month.

But the salary is only part of the Mercadona agreement. Added to this is its leave policy, which can be extended up to 12 years for child care . The job in question is kept for one year, but during the rest of the period a return to the company is ensured.

To care for dependent people, the leave also goes to 5 years, as in the case of victims of gender violence, which have a period of 18 months.

Another of the characteristics that have made Mercadona a reference is its bonus policy . The company has been sharing profits with its workers for 20 years, to whom it pays 3 extra payments in addition to this dividend.

It also stands out for paying 255 euros a month to managers who speak foreign languages ​​and, above all, for implementing a revolution in the sector a year ago: the guaranteed two-day rest.

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