Casa de Fieras Is A Little Bit Of The Sea Of Cadiz

Casa de Fieras, located in the Retiro area of ​​Madrid, has become one of the most specialized establishments in traditional Navarran cuisine, where the product is the star . Freshness and dynamism in the menu, depending on the season, is what characterizes the DNA of this restaurant. An authentic differential project with gastronomic personality.

The space, divided into three spaces, the entrance with high tables and stools, the bar area and the room offers a modern, relaxed atmosphere with a lot of personality, where the client knows that he will feel at home. Seven years ago, an old leather tanning workshop became a cozy restaurant that invites you to eat well.

Rafael López has been directing this great “orchestra” since 2017. Casa de Fieras cuisine stands out “it’s fun, simple and very, very rich”… Flavors that surprise for their authenticity, where the product is king.

Are you dedicated only to your project?

I am not a chef, but from my admiration for them and from our experience as a team I will give you my opinion. The chef profession is absolutely vocational , the volume of work, the pressure during the service, the need for learning and innovation and everything that managing a kitchen entails, can only be understood from a very deep vocation, investing most of your time On it. However, teamwork and knowing how to delegate are essential in order to have time for new projects and for your personal life.

What gastronomic proposal do you offer?

CDF’s gastronomic proposal is based on a product of exceptional quality , where the work of our kitchen is to pamper and present the product. Much love and respect for the raw material.

How would you define the kitchen of your restaurant?

CDF’s cuisine is fun, simple and very, very rich…flavors that surprise for their authenticity, the product is king.

Would you be able to define the cuisine you offer with a flavor?

Casa de Fieras is a little bit of the sea of ​​Cádiz, another bit of the Huerta Navarra and all seasoned with the Madrid tradition, so defining it with a single flavor is complicated.

What was your first fulfilled dream?

See how my gastronomic idea could become a business , see how the kitchen team was able to improve and take extraordinary products to heaven and enjoy watching our customers when you walk through the dining room and see their expressions of satisfaction at what they are eating .

When did you know that you wanted to dedicate yourself to restoration?

I have been in the hospitality industry for more than 15 years and I think I always had the idea of ​​developing a business that could express my love of cooking and giving good service . Seeing how people enjoy themselves in front of a dish is one of the most rewarding sensations for a hotelier.

Who were your teachers?

My grandmother Amalia had a large Mexican family and as a child we spent a lot of time with her. Her house was the passage for many Mexicans who came to Madrid.

Seeing how he treated them, the love with which he cooked and his eagerness to serve and hospitality stayed with me. She was my great teacher and the concept that I wanted to implement in the Restaurant.

Where do you think gastronomy is headed?

Without a doubt , more and more work will be done with ecological products , respect for the land and the sea, proposals for healthy, quality food, with surprising flavors and textures.

Something that can never be missing in your kitchen?

The Tuna (I’m in love with the Tuna)

Which chefs inspire you when creating new dishes?

Angel León, what he does is magical.

How is the client who arrives at your restaurant?

We have clients of all kinds, but above all it is someone who is looking for honesty in the kitchen and having a good time.

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