Inditex dividend allows you to pocket 2.2% on November 2

Analysts had not liked Inditex so much for a long time . The titles of the textile giant show a purchase recommendation by the market consensus that FactSet collects since last May. Check the dividend schedule here.

So far in 2022, the Galician firm has left around 26% of its value on the floor, which places it among the most bearish on the Ibex 35 . This deterioration in the stock market has made it considerably cheaper: its 12-month PER (number of times the profit is included in the price) has fallen to 17.4 times, according to Bloomberg . This implies that the investor would take 17.4 years to recover his money through profit, when at the beginning of the year it took almost three decades.

Only since September 12, the company has left more than 10% on the floor, which contributes to increasing the attractiveness of its next dividend. On November 2, Inditex will distribute 0.465 euros , which is actually the sum of two dividends: the complementary one, of 0.165 euros, and an extraordinary one of 0.30 euros. After the latest declines, this delivery allows the investor to pocket 2.2%. The deadline to enter the value is Friday, October 28 (on Monday 31, its titles will already be listed without the right to receive that dividend). Also read: The thirty autumn dividends to shelter from the storm.

The company presented historic results a couple of weeks ago. Inditex obtained, at the end of the first semester, a net profit of 1,794 million euros, the highest to date , exceeding by 41% that of the same period of the previous year. Sales rose by 24.5%, to 14,845 million euros. Since making its accounts public, analysts have raised their earnings estimates for the group by 4%. If its expectations are met, it could exceed 4,000 million in profit for the first time in its history.

Inditex has agreed to distribute 60% of its profits among its shareholders (known as a payout ). If the forecasts are fulfilled, this would imply that with a charge to the fiscal year 2022-2023 it would distribute 1.15 gross euros (including an extraordinary 0.40 euros), which offer 5.4% in current prices.

Regarding upcoming payments, in recent days several entities have confirmed their dates. BBVA will pay its shareholders on October 11. The bank will deliver 0.12 euros per share on October 11, offering a return of 2.6%. The last day to put it in the portfolio is Thursday, October 6, since on the 7th it will be listed without the right to the dividend. Santander , for its part, will distribute 0.058 euros on November 2. As for Inditex, the deadline to buy shares is Friday, October 28. This installment of the bank chaired by Ana Botín offers a return of 2.4%. BBVA’s dividend yields 7.7% and Santander’s 4.6% after the improvements.

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