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‘La Cartera’ Places A Second Price On Cellnex At 29.05 Euros

Last week there was already a warning about what was to be the next move in the portfolio of , which was none other than averaging the position in Cellnex . After the departure of Logista, a repurchase was sought further down that is getting further and further away and that makes it fall off the radar of the tool and better options are sought.

For many reasons, the best option now is Cellnex, which is already in the portfolio with an entry price of 52 euros and with significant losses. However, confidence in this value is absolute and for this reason it has been decided to seek a second position in it, setting a new entry price in the support it finds at 29.05 euros .

In this way, if this price were to cross in the coming days, 20% of the portfolio would be invested in the Catalan torrera, with an average price of approximately 40.5 euros, instead of the 52 euros where it was until now.

Why Cellnex if it is one of the most bearish of the Ibex this year? Precisely for this reason, because analysts believe that this punishment is totally unjustified. In fact, they already give their titles a potential of more than 100% by setting their target price at around 60 euros. In addition, it is ranked first in La Liga Ibex by , which combines the classifications by recommendation from Factset and Bloomberg .

The BBVA dividend is received
This Tuesday the latest dividend from BBVA was collected , which is the only company of the current composition that is positive. The Basque entity paid 0.12 euros per share, which at the prices of the week passed reached a profitability of 2.7% . His next payment will be already in the month of April of next year and, according to experts, it will be approximately double this one. This month there will be no more dividends in La Cartera, but those from Cellnex, Fluidra and Inditex are expected for November.


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