Young Investors Lose Money In Two Thirds Of Cases

The specialized broker XTB has published data from a survey of 1,500 young people between the ages of 18 and 30 , among whom just over half invest or have invested at some point. This survey was conducted in August.

Among the main aspects of this survey, it stands out that the main investment product, with 55.7% of the total, are cryptocurrencies , followed by shares (50%) and investment funds (39.4%). However, 17.4% of them have invested in futures, 11.7% in derivatives and 6.2% in CFDs. Regarding the crypto market, more than 68% trust it. And regarding the amount, only 9% have exceeded a maximum of 10,000 euros.

And, although according to this survey, 96.5% of the young people asked knew the risk of their investments when making them, it should be noted that two thirds of them have lost money . However, it must be borne in mind that the vast majority of them, 86.6%, have invested for less than three years, with which they have been caught by Covid and the falls of this course. In fact, half of those questioned regret some operation .

Precisely the pandemic could have been a catalyst that supports the investment initiative among this group. “During the pandemic there has been more free time, greater volatility, the rise of cryptocurrencies, meme companies… and that, together with a general reduction in commissions, has been a turning point,” acknowledges JoaquĆ­n Robles, from XTB.

Another interesting fact is that the platform through which investments are made is also changing, since more and more, currently 40%, do so through specialized brokers while the rest remains in traditional banking entities. The main reason for choosing one or the other is costs and commissions, although training, the service network and the new products offered also have an influence.

Regarding where young people receive information from, the main source is the broker itself, followed by the media and social networks, used by 36.4% of those surveyed. Within them, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter are used especially .

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